DSLR Movie Making

A few years ago I would not have given two cents for a video clip from a DSLR camera. Now with improvements to the technology and the Canon 5D MkII now on the scene, I now can say I’ve changed my mind.

Take a look at this clip by Vincent Laforet:

You would be surprised at how many commercial outfits now use this technology. I would not say it’s a be all and end all but a case of the right tool for the job at hand. These cameras would be magnificent in confined spaces or mounted on cars etc. as in the above clip. They are light and effective.

The colour rendering is to say at the least, excellent and a clarity that is top shelf when used with the right lenses.

I may have to look at this technology more closely and soon 🙂

Projects when it’s cold and rainy.

Today it’s been very cold and wet here in Adelaide but I decided to use the opportunity to catch up on some of the menial tasks. I needed a road case for one of our location monitors. Time to get the hands dirty and cut up some MDF board, screw and glue it all together and apply liberal quantities of matt black paint.

I’m not the best carpenter but I reckon I did a good job.

It’s funny when you envisage a project like this how it changes. It started out as just a box but morphed into a complete road case/cover with lids that open for location use and shield the screen from the sun.

Phew, I’m tired now.