Barossa Air Show 2011 Promo

Friday 21st October 2011. I visited Lyndoch in the Barossa, South Australia. The purpose was to record a short web promo for 5DME.NET about the upcoming Barossa Air Show on November 6th 2011. Firstly, the crew visited the St Jakobi Lutheran School to interview the Principal (Kathryn Krieg). Kathryn is a consumate professional and the interview was in the can before I had a real chance to think about it. It took just one take.

Afterwards we visited Barossa Helicopters to speak with Bridgette and Billie about their part in the upcoming Barossa Air Show. We made the script up as we went along and considering the was so many ways to order the information the girls di really well and we had a lot of fun recording the footage.

So, here is the finished product and we hope to see you at the Barossa Air Show on November 6th 2011 at Rowland Flat, just out of Lyndoch.


Jamestown Shoot 2011

On 15th October 2011 I had the opportunity to visit the Jamestown Aerodrome for the local aero club’s fly-in. As it turned out one of the Port Augusta Aero Club’s coordinators was present and able to record an interview for the Fly-in that was only a fortnight away on the 29th October.

Again I used the Sony HDR-XR550 camera and a 160 LED camera mounted light.

The interview was recorded in one take and went smoothly. This made the final production relatively easy to produce and it was online the next day.

Port Festival 8 & 9 October 2011

I had the opportunity to produce a couple of videos at short notice to promote the South Austrlian Aviation Museum’s perticipation in the annual Port Festival here in South Austrlaia.

A based video was produced for the first presentation. The audio was restriped and shots updated over the two days of the festival.




Next post: SAAM Engine Run

Spring Aviation Calendar Video

Just recently I have worked on the Spring Aviation Events in South Australia video. As location can be remote, too remote to visit on a day to day basis, I used imagery from previous air shows to fill the void. I did however take my team up north to do one interview from Rowland Flat near Lyndoch in South Australia. The interview was with Steve Ahrens from the Basossa Air Show. This was then incorporated into the video to provide some live content.

There were two other versions made. One was including the complete interview (no photos). The other was a cut back version (with photos) specifically produced for the Barossa Air Show YouTube channel. (The above video).