Interview at Brukunga CFS Base – McDermott Aviation

On Sunday 22nd January 2012 I attended the CFS base at Brukunga in the Adelaide Hills. The purpose of the visit was to record an interview with Kevin McCormick from McDermott Aviation about the Bell 205 helicopters being used in the aerial fire fighting role for the South Australian Country Fire Service (CFS).

On Tuesday 24th January 2012, the video will be edited and going through post and should be available later in the day.

Bell 205 Helicopter at Brukunga

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Digital Photography

I have been getting back to photography lately. Taking a break from video. Our team went out the other night to experiment with unlit night photography. What great results we achieved. Images straight out of the camera with no post required. It was a great night out and we learnt something too.

Adelaide from Mt Osmond

Adelaide from Mt Osmond.


St Peters Cathedral North Adelaide

St Peters Cathedral North Adelaide


Traffic Exposure from St Peters Cathedral North Adelaide

Traffic shot from St Peters Cathedral North Adelaide

Can’t wait to go again!