Adelaide Control Tower Video

The new control tower at Adelaide Airport is now only months away from having complete control as the old tower is phased out. The two towers are currently in “mimic” mode where the old tower is still in control of all traffic and the new tower mimics the old with regards to all traffic. At a later date the old tower will go into “Ghost” mode and the new tower will have executive control. Once all is confirmed correct, the old tower will be phased out.

New facilities include state-of -the-art touch-screens that can be customised by the operator. The new digital technology replaces the older paper strip system and all operator

Filming Aerobatics

Last weekend I had a morning at Murray Bridge Airfield with Chris Sperou, Australian 13 times National Aerobatics Champion. Chris put on a display for us to record a promo for the up-coming Barossa Airshow. Here’s the finished video:

Chris firstly performed a solo display then Warren Stewart went up with another plane and the team performed a dual show.

It’s interesting filming aerobatics as I get just as tired on the camera as does the pilot (I think). After the filming I need a lay down and a drink. Trying to keep that fast moving aircraft in a 1 degree field of view (at the farthest point) is really tiring.