My Studio

I am just writing this article to show readers how having a studio available to you can make such a difference to your finished images. Until I had a studio all my work required places with good lighting. It either had to be the right time of day, not cloudy or cloudy depending on what I wanted. Now that’s all changed.

I’ve had plans for as long as I can remember to have my own studio. The plan got underway in 2010 and I started construction. Over the years since then the studio has evolved to the point where I believe it’s the best most well-equipped studio in southern Adelaide.

I started with a few lights often working with what I had available. As time progressed I bought professional light fittings of various types. Now the studio has over 40 light fittings to cater for ever job. From Floods, spots to soft lights I now can light anything in any colour and photographer can shoot in tungsten, florescent or artificial daylight.

I’ve even installed two air conditioning plants to keep the crew comfortable in any weather.

It’s been a big build from then till now with extension cords across the floor to now having a fully hard-wired lighting grid. Yes, we still use extension cords but it’s all a lot neater now. I added dimmer racks to give us 20 dimmable channels to allow complete control over lighting. What a difference that made.

The main idea behind the studio was video. After 30+ years in commercial television where I did lighting as my job it’s now nice to have my own facilities to not only make jobs easier but bring up the quality.

Along the way, I had other photographers and videographers contact me about using the studio for their projects. It’s great to see others appreciate a top studio facility and make use of it for their jobs and boost their career.

This has given them the opportunity to create great images without weather concerns or environment issues.

All round, it’s been a great project and has turned out far ahead of where I expected it to be in the initial stages. The studio evolves regularly as new challenges present themselves and modifications must be made to meet those challenges.

Thanks for reading and watch out for future articles from Studio 91.


All the best,
David Hales

Web Site Update

I have been so busy posting to my business pages that I have neglected this site for some time. Well, no more! This is my personal site to keep you up to date with what I am doing with photography and video.

So, today I changed the web site theme to a new lighter look and added the Kangaroo Island category to the photo gallery as it’s one of my favourite places.

We have just arrived for this visit and I will put up some images over the next couple of days.

Look forward to you visiting the site more often.

Vetran’s Poker Run

Today I was part of a video crew recording a fund raising event for Op K9. Operation K9 is where dogs are trained to be a mate and assist veterans who experience issues after their return from active duty. This may include depression, bad dreams and loneliness. It was a great day and about $1500 was raised for the cause. 

Tour de Fence

13/11/16: The Video Professionals crew spent a few hours at the Torrens Parade Grounds today to record video of the inaugural Tour deFence cycling event. We met up with Stuart O’Grady for a short interview. The weather had all seasons in a few hours but that didn’t dampen the event.



Pat bought me a new digital camera a while back a Canon IXUS 180. I’ve discovered it makes good video on the hop. Plus,  it has great sound. So, I intend using it to make small video blogs from day to day. This will be especially handy as I won’t have to break out the big gear.