Blog Article Rebranding

Well, I have decided to re brand and have designed a new logo. This came about because The Video Professionals (Graeme Goodings & Myself) will have it’s own Vimeo channel and I am adding the required videos to that channel. My channel will be for me and you will still see nearly all the videos I make. It will be more like a personal portfolio and it will be used in conjunction with this site and my other business ventures, such as:

  • fiveDME
  • Biz Adelaide
  • BizAd Television & Video
  • Video Magic
  • Optical Design

I look foward to the new look and the things I’ll be doing in 2016 and beyond.

Aviation Now

I’ve just come out of the studio after recording the studio components of the next episode of Aviation Now. It was a bit hectic as after the first time through the script became a bit jumbled. Things were moved which broke other things. Then we had to fix those. You know the story! Needless to say a few expletives made it onto the various takes 🙂

All being well the editor can fix it up in post.

Time for a drink I reckon.

REA Video for Raine & Horne Morphett Vale

Jennifer Drabic from R&H was with me on a recent video shoot for a property at Willunga in South Australia.



This was a great property to film. Lots of interesting items to cover. One massive room which could be used as a studio and a couple of smaller rooms. Huge block outside for parking etc.

Luckily, the day was perfect and we shot 90% of it on the first day. One of the crew returned the next day to get some great morning shots.