fiveDME celebrating 10 years in April 2018

It seemed so long ago that 5 years service was not in sight but now as we approach 10 years I look back over the multitude of things we have covered and am amazed at what can be done in ten years.

I remember my first photos were taken at Aldinga and my first video was of a Singapore 747 freight flight being pushed back at Adelaide.

Another highlight was getting the Antonov 124 back in 2010 from airside within metres of the runway. I remember the pilot wheel barrowed it two thirds of the length of the runway before engaging the lift dumpers and dropping the back end onto the runway like a brick. The plane was full on gear for the military including explosives.

I could go on about the hundreds of things we have covered but the most important thing to me is the people we have met and the friends we have made. Without the people, aviation would not be so interesting and those that have helped us out over the years have been responsible for the amazing footage and photos we get.

2018 is a milestone in the history of fiveDME. Other aviation sites have come and gone but fiveDME is still there and growing more than ever. We have introduced new team members last year including Neal & Susan Billet plus, we have Lucianne Van Gelder as one of our on location reporters. Combine all this with the original team of Me, David Hales, David Wilkie & Graham Wilkie and we have one of the best crews I could hope for to cover aviation events.

At fiveDME we a so grateful to all those that have helped us in the past and we look forward to a long future with old friends and new.

David Hales
Team Leader & Founder

Back to Kangaroo Island

I am delighted for any chance to get over to Kangaroo Island. So, when I was offered this time around, off I went with Patricia and we did a bit more touring. Even though I lived there, it’s always a great treat to visit some of the National Parks and various tourism venues on the Island.

Scott Cove
Scott Cove on the North West Coast

Cape Borda
Cape Borda Light Station

Old Lighthouse Lenses Cape Borda
Old Lighthouse Lenses at Cape Borda

Stokes Bay
Stokes Bay

Prospect Hill (Mt Tisby)
View from Prospect Hill (Mt Tisby)

Echidna digging for ants

Pennington Bay
Pennington Bay

More images in the gallery:


Pennington Bay, Kangaroo Island

Kirstie Hales and I were filming down at Pennington Bay the day before yesterday (24-6-14). It was on the down side of some severe storms we had in South Australia on 24 & 25 jUNE 2014. The waves were 4-5m high and the wash was rolling up the beach some 50-80m from the waterline and breaking on the cliffs.


We went as low to the action as we dare whilst maintaining safety. We got our feet wet on a couple of occasions.


At one stage a huge breaker rolled in and the wash swirled right up around the base of the steps we were using as a platform, nearly drowning our cameras.


Keeping safe was a high priority as the undertow here at Pennington Bay is renowned for dragging the unwary out to sea!


All in all, we had a great time recording the images. We will be adding them to our galleries on soon.

Galleries Under Construction

I am mothballing the old gallery and starting some new ones in a different format. As I load them up with images they will become more lively. Categories are being created as I go. So keep a lookout for fresh entries.

Galleries can be accessed via the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Moving videos to Vimeo

Due to YouTube being a mob of right royal pricks and deleting one of my YouTube channels for apparent violation which I now can’t dispute because the channel was removed and not being able to contact anyone except a robot mailer is making settling the issue impossible due to complexities the robot does not understand….

.. Thus making many of my previous blog articles video-less. I am now int the process of moving all my videos to Vimeo Pro.

So, as I get it all fixed after the devastation of cyclone YouTube you will see the videos start to return to previous articles.

Please Note: The remaining YouTube channels that were not affected will remain so viewers can see the hundreds of videos I have produced over the years and as not to affect subscribers they will stay.  However, I will not be uploading any future videos to YouTube and I hope my loyal viewers will migrate to Vimeo with me.

Latest stay on Kangaroo Island.

During the past week I have been staying at American River on Kangaroo Island, South Australia. After having relatives here during the 1950s-1970s and living here during the early seventies it is still great to return even for a week or two.

DSCF7261r DSCF7389r

Kangaroo Island has lots to offer the photographer or videographer. From the rugged coastline and conservation parks to the heartlands around Parndana (located in the centre of Kangaroo Island). However, my ties are firmly rooted to American River. Memories of staying with my grandmother during the 60s and 70s. My uncle Joe who was Harbour Master at American River for a time and the plethora of locals that made life fun and interesting for a youngster to grow up here.

DSCF7419r DSCN0960r

Now much older and able to appreciate things more, it has been great to return and photograph some of the Island’s unique offerings. There were many things that I remember that are still the same and some that are not. Although progress has happened on KI at least it has been slow. Sufficiently slow that one still feels quite at home when visiting more than 30 years later.

DSC01874r DSC01903r

I look forward to renewing my relationship with Kangaroo Island and I will be delighted to video and photograph many more amazing things and places on the Island that take my memory back to the years with my Nana and Uncle heading down every dirt track to see what surprise awaited!