Interview with John McArdle from AAL

Last week I was involved with the production of a web video about Cathay Pacific making direct flights to Hong Kong from Adelaide. The video was for aviation web site and was produced by Aviation Media.

The two crew, Myself and David Wilkie used the Sony HDR-550. The location was a shady spot with lots of bright sunlight coming in from behind through trees. We preferred to keep our interview guest with his back to the sun and stretch the camera a bit.

The results were very good. Considering we did not use iMode the exposure was top shelf.

Audio was a lapel mic on a tie clasp with the camera sensitivity set to low as there was background traffic. The end result was clear, full range audio.

The stock footage of the A330 aircraft was 2009 vintage and was taken airside at Adelaide. It was shot on a Sony SD handicam but served the purpose.

Here is the video: