Latest stay on Kangaroo Island.

During the past week I have been staying at American River on Kangaroo Island, South Australia. After having relatives here during the 1950s-1970s and living here during the early seventies it is still great to return even for a week or two.

DSCF7261r DSCF7389r

Kangaroo Island has lots to offer the photographer or videographer. From the rugged coastline and conservation parks to the heartlands around Parndana (located in the centre of Kangaroo Island). However, my ties are firmly rooted to American River. Memories of staying with my grandmother during the 60s and 70s. My uncle Joe who was Harbour Master at American River for a time and the plethora of locals that made life fun and interesting for a youngster to grow up here.

DSCF7419r DSCN0960r

Now much older and able to appreciate things more, it has been great to return and photograph some of the Island’s unique offerings. There were many things that I remember that are still the same and some that are not. Although progress has happened on KI at least it has been slow. Sufficiently slow that one still feels quite at home when visiting more than 30 years later.

DSC01874r DSC01903r

I look forward to renewing my relationship with Kangaroo Island and I will be delighted to video and photograph many more amazing things and places on the Island that take my memory back to the years with my Nana and Uncle heading down every dirt track to see what surprise awaited!