Limpet Mount – Latest Project

As I’ve mentioned, I like to build things. One of the things I have always wanted is a limpet mount for filming from cars etc. A limpet mount is held in place by suction.

Upon looking around the internet I found most to be of the cheaper variety and I would not trust them with any of my cameras. Especially, the ones with only one point of contact.

The better ones besides being more expensive have multiple points of contact so if one suction cup fails there are more holding your expensive camera in place.

My project is to make one with multiple points of contact and be inexpensive. So, I decided to purchase several single cup suction mounts from ebay. I will make the adjoining arms myself and test the unit with a dummy load to see if the suction cups are stable. Only then will I try one of the cameras.

I will test the time before any of the cups let go before mounting on a vehicle for live shooting. A safety line may be in order.

More posts on this after construction.