New Studio at Optical Design

I have not written here in over a month but it has all been for a good cause.

Late 2010 I decided to build a studio for video and still photography at Optical Design. The idea was that the Biz Adelaide show would be recorded there and the studio could be used during down time for other purposes including hire to other photographers. This could include product and catalogue shoots or portrait photography.

Very late 2010 things got away from me. Anyway, one thing led to another and the studio was back-burnered. Until now!

Our New Studio

About three to four weeks ago I finally got the bug again and the business decision time was right. Well, once I get going, I keep going till I’m done. We now have a 6m x 3m studio with a cyc and green screen. There is a standard 2″ tube lighting grid overhead and a 12 channel dimmer for precise control.

Optical Design Web TV and Photo Studio

The building was originally wired with 3 phase power as it was always intended to be a studio. So we have 3 double GPOs and a 20A GPO plus, a 30A 3 phase outlet for the dimmers.

Our green screen is well lit, so no need to spend an hour getting it right. The floor has removable carpet and camera dollies track nicely.

Biz Adelaide & Aviation Now

Just recently we recorded our first four segments for the new web TV show Biz Adelaide. It all went extremely well and the studio set by Kirstie Hales looked great. Within the next week or so the show will be uploaded for viewing. Also, we are now working on a set for Aviation Now, the 5DME.NET web show about aviation in South Australia.

I’ll post a few more items as things progress.