Win lunch with a Rock Legend!

How would you like to win a lunch with Angry Anderson at the 2014 Clipsal 500 in Adelaide?

Well, you can! Just purchase any 5 Litre ULX110 Custom Blend Motor Oil from your local stockist, keep the receipt and go to to enter. That’s it! You could win lunch and a day at the Clipsal 500 with an Australian Rock Legend!

TVC filmed and edited at Optical Design Video Magic.


Carolyn’s Chemo Caps

Carolyn’s Chemo Caps is a project by the Battunga Country Loins Club and is run by Carolyn Mugford. The group is looking at expanding the project to other Lions Clubs around the world. This requires a web site which has been donated by Optical Design plus, a couple of videos which I have been producing for the group. This worthy project does not ask for payment for the caps as they are free. A donation tin is available at distribution points in various hospitals should you wish to support the project.

A Working Airport December 2013

Last week I visited Adelaide Airport to record some footage for the 5DME.NET aviation Series, A Working Airport. The footage was of the ARFF (Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting) team on drills in the middle of Adelaide’s International Airport. The drill consists of a structure that is rigged to resemble an aircraft. The rig is set on fire with jet-aA1 fuel spiked with petrol to get it going. The crews then have 3-4 minutes to get on scene and extinguish the fire and save personnel.

Anyway, say no more. Just take a look at the video.


Television Commercials – TVCs

My commercial television history played a great role last month with shooting the ULX110 Custom Blend Motor Oil TVC with Angry Anderson from Rose Tattoo. Angry flew to Adelaide, called in to our studio, recorded the commercial and then we went down to the South Districts Workingmens Club for lunch. The club staff had a photo opp and also the story was picked up by the Sunday Mail (Print Media).

I’m looking forward to working with Angry on future ULX110 projects.

ULX110 TVC 1


ULX110 TVC 2


You can catch the ad on 44 Adelaide or on the ULX110 web site. There is a possibility this will go to one of the major commercial networks next year.

Christmas Greeting Videos

This week I’ve been out with my team making Season’s Greetings videos for our customers. Everybody in business should be looking to video to personalise themselves to the martket place. Businesses look more professional when using video these days and the old school business owners are going to be left behind if they don’t catch up and get in quick. Anyway, here’s a couple of the videos we made last week. They are only 20 seconds or so but that’s all that is needed. Plus, we had great fun making them. Everybody had a laugh and good time.

Junction Australia – Community Group

Best of Marion and Morphett Vale – Business

A Working Airport

Over the last month I’ve been involved with the production of a new aviation series for fiveDME Premier Adelaide aviation. The series called, “A Working Airport” is about the day to day operations of a major metropolitan airport.

The series is to cover operations for the next twelve months. In this episode a look is taken at FOD or Foreign Objects Debris which can be a hazard to aircraft. Airport operators have several patrols each day to check for FOD.

During the filming of this episode I had the privilege to go out with one of the AOO personnel or Airside Operations Officers on an FOD and serviceability check. This involved a drive down all air traffic surfaces. We got some great shots and plenty of useful information about these type of hazards.

There’s more to running a major airport than meets the eye.

REA Video for Raine & Horne Morphett Vale

Jennifer Drabic from R&H was with me on a recent video shoot for a property at Willunga in South Australia.



This was a great property to film. Lots of interesting items to cover. One massive room which could be used as a studio and a couple of smaller rooms. Huge block outside for parking etc.

Luckily, the day was perfect and we shot 90% of it on the first day. One of the crew returned the next day to get some great morning shots.

New Aviation Series

Again I will be working for the web site in producing a 12 part series to be viewed on fiveDME over the next 12 months. The series is called “A Working Airport” and will cover all aspects that go into running one of Australia’s major airports. The team at Adelaide Airport will be contributing to the video.

Here’s the promo…..

So, keep a look out on

fiveDME Premier Adelaide Aviation is 5 video.

During the last few months we have gathered together some message from various aviation industry and community people to wish the team from a happy 5th Birthday. For 5 years they have been pumping out aviation stories from all around South Australia promoting the sector and the contributions it makes to the wider community.

The following video is the result of David hales and David Wilkie from Optical Design.