Month: July 2011

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Car Mount – Suction Limpet Mount

Well I just thought I’d report on the progress of the Limpet Mount project. My crew and I used it today for a traffic report at Adelaide Airport. It had its initial problems like suction cups not sticking where paint was not so smooth on the vehicle but these issues were soon solved. The addition…
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Latest Production YPAD

Yesterday we spent a couple of hours at Adelaide Airport recording some footage covering the redevelopment project. Nigel Daw, and aviation historian did the in front of camera pieces while I did the camera and audio work. We tried the new tripod which is capable of 2m elevation in order to improve our eye line…
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New Toys

This week I’ve been working on some new gear. This includes a track dolly which has had the final adjustments made to enable smooth tracking. Other projects were a pocket dolly, suction mounting system for vehicles and skate dolly. It’s been a good experience to make some of my own gear again. Usually, it is just…
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Stabilising Camera Tripods

Most domestic camera tripods these days are made out of light weight material (for obvious reasons) but this has the effect of making the tripod unstable and susceptable to vibration and operator movement. The best thing to do in trying to minumise these issues is add weight. Either a sandbag hooked to the centre section…
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Limpet Mount – Latest Project

As I’ve mentioned, I like to build things. One of the things I have always wanted is a limpet mount for filming from cars etc. A limpet mount is held in place by suction. Upon looking around the internet I found most to be of the cheaper variety and I would not trust them with…
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I like to build things. Part 2

More information on the track dolly project. The answer to smoothing things up partly involves the shape of the base board. It must be square and not rectangular. I am also going to change the PVC track for aluminium and the castors for rubber wheels with flanges either side to keep the unit on the…
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I like to build things for my photography

As you go through the years you collect little odds and ends that you have ‘McGyvered’ together for particular jobs. For example that little metal bracket to hold the camera in a particular position or the piece of wire on a board to hold up a product. As I like to build things, sometimes I…
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Might produce more Adelaide Ai…

Might produce more Adelaide Airport segments this weekend for

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On Set Humour

Although the following clip is funny and relates to many so called video production ameteurs I have seen, it  must be remembered that clients do like a good look from their on-set crews (within reason). . The final production is EVERYTHING but if you look like dags, noone will hire you.