Month: June 2012

Video, Photography, Podcasting & Studio Hire.

What does a video guy do when it’s too wet outside to film?

Today here in Adelaide it’s continual rain. It has been like that for nearly two days now. So, what to do! I know, drag some old footage out the cupboard and edit all morning. After many attempts I retrieved some footage from Old Noarlunga that I shot some time ago and dropped some effects over…
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RAAF Edinburgh – P8A Poseidon visiting from US Navy

This week I visited the Edinburg RAAF Base to film the a US Navy P8 Poseidon aircraft. These planes are due to replace the Australian AP3C Orion Anti-Submarine Warfare aircraft in 2018. The P8 on display was a US Navy plane that was here for operational trials. The videos we produced were for the…
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Getting into FX

Our latest little piece for Optical Design. The intervening shots were from stock we already had in our library. It was interesting making the compiled segment due to the effects.