Month: October 2016

Video, Photography, Podcasting & Studio Hire.

Windy day at Penneshaw 

A little bit blowy today at Penneshaw. I hope I can get home tomorrow. 

Test Twitter Link.

Testing new links.


Pat bought me a new digital camera a while back a Canon IXUS 180. I’ve discovered it makes good video on the hop. Plus,  it has great sound. So, I intend using it to make small video blogs from day to day. This will be especially handy as I won’t have to break out the…
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Meet my new friend Nelly

On may October 2016 trip to Kangaroo Island I stopped in at Raptor Domain. This is where I met my new friend Nelly. What a beautiful bird! I thoroughly recommend going to see the Raptor show. I will be visiting again. On the South Coast Road near Seal Bay.