Video, Photography, Podcasting & Studio Hire.

me-edit suiteGoing out and recording the footage is only half the fun. Visiting different locations and planning the shoot is a very interesting part of the work. Then you have to edit the production.

After I get all the footage onto the computer(s) I look forward to some time in the edit suite. Over the years the system I use has improved out-of-sight with faster PC’s and multi-monitors. All makes editing easier and more enjoyable.

Recording voice-overs is also fun when you have a voice-over person. Usually, I don’t like to do this job myself.

I produce material for people on a budget right though to large businesses. Specialising in video for the Internet via distribution over the web such as Vimeo and YouTube.

My aim is to keep web video within reach of everyone, big and smaller businesses alike. When customers want video on their site, I like them to be pleasantly surprised when they find out it does not have to cost a fortune.


David Hales