Video, Photography, Podcasting & Studio Hire.

The Beginning

David’s journey into media started in 1974 at High School with an interest in lighting for the school’s stage productions. In 1978 he started his own business (David’s Lighting and Sound) and secured jobs providing lighting and sound for local theatres and discos using hired equipment. During this time he progressively acquired his own lighting gear and sound equipment. Some he bought and some he built himself like amplifiers and dimmers as he was an electronics enthusiast and could easily construct such projects.

Bookplace Children's TV Show 2001

On joining Telecom Australia (now Telstra) in 1983 he soon found his interest was not so much with Technician type work but more with behind the scenes media. At that time, a friend of his was a Lighting Director for a major television station and he started freelancing for the lighting department. Providing studio and outside broadcast lighting, he stayed in this freelance role for over 25 years.

As his interest in media was wide, he soon took an interest in cameras, directing, producing and editing. By this time he had his own cameras and started producing video outside of work for personal interest.

Over the years technology improved, computers became the in-thing and now non-linear editing was possible on the PC. Digital still cameras made life easier and kept costs down.

Photo: The Book Place. SAS7 Adelaide, 2001.

Web Business

During the mid 1990’s he took an interest in things online and started running his own Linux web servers. He attained a few clients and used his media knowledge for their sites and things started to move along. With the advent of video streaming, the likes of YouTube and his now extensive web design experience things grew exponentially.

Today, he hosts around 70 web sites and has designed many more through ODLWEB which is a part of a family business Optical Design. Web clients are now more willing to compete with their opposition online and have changed or added to their thinking in that video can enhance their site and sales prospects. This has made an interesting and always varying job out of something David loves to do that started back in 1974.

Tour Down Under 2001. SAS7 Helicopter.Aviation

David also has a business called Aviation Media which provides aviation imagery for private and commercial interests. This came about from an interest in everything aviation.

He is Founder and Team Leader for a community aviation media and aviation enthusiast web site called 5DME which is South Australia’s Premier Aviation related web site and is all about aviation in South Australia.

The site covers just about every aspect of aviation from what it’s all about, the planes through to air traffic control, aviation fire fighting, aviation weather and most of all the aviation community and people.

You can visit 5DME at www.5dme.net

Photo: SAS7 Helicopter for Tour Down Under 2001.


A message form David to those getting started:

Above all enjoy your work…

I was not encouraged by anyone to follow my dreams. In fact I was discouraged and someone always wanted me to do, what they wanted me to do or thought I should doing. They were not interested in my strengths or ambitions.

Needless to say in the end I prevailed, once I realised I could actually do what I liked and do it well.

I love my work and it’s virtually the first thing I think of when I wake up in the morning and I enjoy working at it as there is always something new that interests me. If only all of us could love what we do and do what we love, there would be a lot more satisfied people at work and customers would be thrilled!

So, my message to you is, go with your interests to make something of yourself by following your ambitions, strengths and dreams.