I like to build things for my photography

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I like to build things for my photography

As you go through the years you collect little odds and ends that you have ‘McGyvered’ together for particular jobs. For example that little metal bracket to hold the camera in a particular position or the piece of wire on a board to hold up a product.

As I like to build things, sometimes I decide to have a go at something a little more industrial. I refer to a recent attempt to make a camera dolly for a specific job.

Over the years I have worked with professional dolly gear like Elemac dollies. They are beautiful pieces of engineering. They are heavy and they run as smooth as silk on the tracks.

Well, after spending hours constructing my smaller version using board and wheels from the local hardware store with PVC track I walked away in despair. I suspected and can see the reasons why a professional result requires the use of pro gear. The whole unit has no weight and the wheels are inadequate. If you add weight the PVC track bends and you have to support every foot or so, there’s a reason those Elemac wheels are machined so well. Castors under a board just don’t cut it.

Anyway, I am off to the shed to try and save some of my self esteem and rejig the thing a bit smaller in the hope of it being useful for something.  Perhaps a flower pot holder 🙂

Seriously, I’ll let you know if I come up with any fix that gets the thing to work half reasonably.