Biz Adelaide

Video, Photography, Podcasting & Studio Hire.

BA March 2015 Adelaide Biplanes from David Hales Media on Vimeo.
Biz Adelaide is a project of mine that has developed over 5 years that has the objective of promoting local South Australian business and community. It came about after talking to many business owners who would love to have there business on video or TV but can not afford the big budgets of getting onto the main stream media.

The idea was to give such businesses and organisations an outlet and a platform to get started in the world of visual media promotion. So, enter Biz Adelaide!

I have a team of professionals that will walk you through an interview on video about your business that will leave you feeling comfortable and confident with your appearance on the show.

Anyone can apply to be on Biz Adelaide and the show is basically a free service. However, we gratefully accept a nominal donation towards keeping the show on line.

To learn more about this amazing opportunity to promote your business with video media, just visit the Biz Adelaide web site at